AMIDA Technology

With "semiconductor test instruments and system technology development" AMIDA Technology, Inc., since its establishment in 2002, because of a wealth of equipment and system design experience of the technical team, as well as excellent marketing and customer service enthusiasm, to provide its customers with the best testing solutions. In addition to the high-quality analog IC test machine (AMIDA-1000 Tester), which has been developed on its own, AMIDA technology is also moving towards the "mixed signal measurement" field, and its system functions in the same grade equipment, in addition to a relatively wide range of testing, high stability, fast testing speed, and strong measurement ability, the price of its system is extremely advantageous, As a result, domestic and foreign customers praise and recognition.


What we do ?

  • Customer-Focused R&D

    Customer-Focused R&D

  • Commitment to Customer Success

    Commitment to Customer Success

  • Strict Adherence to Lead Times and Quality

    Strict Adherence to Lead Times and Quality

  • Innovation through Strategic Collaboration

    Innovation through Strategic Collaboration