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The AWG-50 instrument is a single-channel PCI-based Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) with built-in digitizer. It is a high performance waveform generator that combines many powerful functions in one small package. With 50MS/s waveform update rate, up to 4M byte (16M byte, optional) of waveform memory per channel, you can use the accompanying waveform editor to create and generate many versatile waveforms. The followings is feature highlights of AWG-50.

  • • 1 channel

    • 50MS/s sampling frequency

    • 14-bit vertical resolution

    • 4M byte waveform memory

    • Main output

    • SYNC/Marker output (TTL-level)

    • External clock input

    • Trigger input

    • Digitizer input

    • Waveform editor

    • Versatile trigger mode

    • Waveform sequencing for arbitrary waveform generation

    • Software-selectable output impedance of 50 ohm or 75 ohm