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The AMIDA-1000 Linear IC Test System is designed to provide highly accurate measurements under conditions that require short lead times, providing high resolution, multi-channel reporting on SMU(PMU), OVI, QVI, MVI, HPU, HVP, DAQ-2, DAQ-4, DAQ-8, TMU, PG25, EZDIO and AWG. It is an ideal, PCI interface, linear IC test platform for a wide variety of analog and mixed signal IC devices. Wide coverage analog and DC modules are installed to support high-speed, precision testing and measurement with low noiseTechnology.

  • Complete DC/AC parameter and functional pattern test capability
  • Flexible module combinations offer various testing requirements.
  • Programmable voltage and current range with various modules - SMU, QVI, OVI, HPU and MVI
  • Digital I/O, 25MHz, 32 channels per unit, +12.5V to -2.5V, UP TO 64 channels.
  • Data Acquisition 2ch, 4ch and 8ch offer various digital measurement requirements, such as THD, Harmonic, time domain, frequency domain.
  • With 50MS/s waveform update, up to 4M bytes of waveform memory, AWG can use the accompanying waveform editor to create and generate many versatile waveforms.
  • Trim Modules control 32 blow relay per module, it could extend to 4 modules.
  • 4 nS high resolution TIC performs variety of counter task, including even counting, period measurement, pulse width measurement and frequency measurement.
  • DUT Pin Matrix for 64 relays, maximum to 2A or 96 relays, maximum to 1A.
  • GPIB - Compatible with IEEE 488.1 & 488.2 Standards.
  • TTL Interface with Multi Site test capability.
  • Powerful Controller with multi resources.
  • Rack Extension include more resources capability.
  • GUI S/W Programming & C-language Based System Software.
  • Powerful Debug Tool.
  • Well Function Diagnosis.
  • Auto Calibration
Targeted Applications

Adjustable Shunt Regulators, Voltage Regulators, Voltage Detectors, Current Regulators, LDO Voltage Regulators, DC-DC Switching, AC-DC Switching, PWM, OP-AMPS, Comparators, AM/FM Devices, MOSFET, Schottky Diodes, Transistor Arrays, Resistors Arrays, Camera Device, Motor Driver, Vehicle-Related Device, Hybrid Device, Hall IC, Stereo Power Amplifier, Fiber Optic Digital Data Link, Photoflash Capacitor Charger, USB High-Side Power Switch, Lithium Ion Battery Protection IC, RS232 Driver IC, Analog Switches...etc.